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Monday, January 28, 2008

I see, I do: Understand a thousand words

We are such and image based society. In reading the articles regarding visual literacy I had my head nodding over and over again. I teach a marketing class and we look at how advertisers use images to sell products. What are they saying with the choices they make to show product, scale, colour, use of lines and on it goes. It is so important that students have the tools to understand what is being said in an image and why it is being said. I think we often take what is being shown in a photo for granted and don't look at all the messages being shared. We take it for granted that advertisements are every where. It has become a part of our culture.

For our first blog post we were to look at a photo sharing site and in my exploration I came across this photo that i plan use next semester with one of my classes. I love how much this image says in a way that an article or my talking could never give justice to.


Val Martineau said...

Great photo Elisa! What a great use in your marketing class. I too saw lightbulbs clicking on and constant nodding up and down as I read A Thousand Words: Promoting Teachers Visual Literacy Skills.

Ronda said...

Hi Elisa,

It was great to read your ideas about how to use photosharing in a Marketing class. I hadn't thought of that connection, but your example is a fantastic illustration of visual literacy.