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Sunday, February 17, 2008

When Pigs Fly

My son picked the story for me to read for this podcast and I can't say enough how aptly the title lended itself as I tried for way to long to get this thing posted. I think I may have to come back and tell you all the great ways (well, at least I thought) for how to use podcasts but for now, I have to walk away from this before I completely lose it... so for now, here is my podcast. hopefully... When Pigs Fly

1 comment:

Arlene said...

I will have to try podbean as I would love to link to an MP3 as you did. I remember reading When Pigs Fly as a kid although I don't think it's the same story. Mine was a novel. I'm sure it is still kicking around somewhere. Congratulations for taking on different voices!