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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why people like me should sometimes not have control of a computer

In our house my husband keeps care of the network (sad but true -with only two computer users in the house we have 4 computers-even our television runs through the computer and don't even get me started on trying to figure out the remote that goes with this- He went away for a few days a couple of months ago and I never did get the sound to work). He likes tinkering and upgrading video cards, adding memory, changing configurations and whatever else one does that I don't understand, and I, well I like access to working computers that I can take for granted as being things that will work...
The unspoken rule is I don't mess around with settings and he always makes sure that at least one computer is up and running while he does his tinkering. Well, with this program I have started doing a few thing. Mostly saying yes to prompts from the likes of Google asking if something can be installed. My theory being, well, its got to be okay to do this... the course expects us to try these things, what's the worst thing that could happen... Not being knowledgeable about how things have been set up. I have managed to let the Google toolbar take control of some of the settings, and its screening program take precedent over the software my husband has in place. I have managed to create conflicts between programs that I don't understand and Jeremy just asks, 'what have you done/downloaded now?'. Somehow with my exploring I have created a wee bit of mess at our house and the new unspoken rule is ask before I do for the sake of his sanity as he tries to fix things that I have unwittingly done. Having to watch him fix things after I come up to him and say..."______ isn't working" and then me asking "when can I have my computer back" has got me thinking. No wonder the IT guys want to limit what the network users at schools can do. If I can make such a mess in a few weeks think what a whole school could do. Access to programs is important but so is setting up things in a way that allows access but sanity to the system that is trying to support it. Well, I better go and make the trek back home... I am currently at my mom's house using her computer as ours, well, hopefully Jeremy is having fun tinkering with it:)

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Val said...

I hear you Elisa and am in the same boat, paddling along side you.
I have downloaded so many things since taking this course our computer is now on dinosaur time. I even downloaded things on my husband (Bob's) laptop, while he's working on the main computer.
Bob is on the road with one of his bands for two weeks. Earlier this week he phoned from Winnipeg saying, what's this Yahoo tool bar you installed and where's my old tool bar with my favourites. Why do all the favourites now have RSS feeds etc. Yikes I think I crossed the line all in the name of exploration.

Before this course I was giving Bob a hard time for doing on-line banking because our information could get stolen. Now am I putting us at risk by allowing all pop ups, downloading item, after item, going on facebook etc.? I wish I knew?

I have been very cautious to date with our school computer lab sometimes by choice and sometimes by filters but to truly explore some of these tools we do have to download or join up. I'm still exploring opportunities and pitfalls of it all and sometimes don't know which way the wind is blowing.

As a fellow teacher in our district, you might be interested to know, I still haven't got my web connection back from two weeks ago. I have to run to a student computer and type in a student password right now just to get on the internet. Let me tell you its a hassle when doing a book order. I have put an SDesk in several times, but getting IT help over to the rock is like pulling teeth. They wait until there is 'a lot' of work in order to justify the 20 min. boat ride and ferry expense.

Despite the setbacks, I think there are many more positives. I just have to be careful not to knee jerk my way to collapsing our computer.