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Monday, March 24, 2008

Final thoughts on a wiki

I really like the idea of building a wiki with a class. I think that is it is important that whatever is created though has to come across as being unified. When I look back at the wiki for Korat's article and the other wiki's from assignment two I feel there were two stages that each of the wiki's face.

the first stage where the partners created the wiki, set up the pages, included the summary, edited the look etc. seems to me (and my very limited experience with wikis) to be the real experience of building a wiki. We worked to create a solidified look to the wiki. The collaboration didn't have ownership and it was about the end result.

The second stage is where participants added thoughts. To me this seemed to move away from creating a shared understanding to a listing of thoughts. It didn't feel integrated. It seemed we had simply moved from posting on the discussion board to posting on the wikis.

I think if I did it again I wouldn't pose questions but instead pose beginning statements and have participants expand and develop the statement with no ownership and the understanding that the existing text was there to be edited.

I felt that when I went to other wikis or even back to my own I didn't know where I should write. Should i add my comment at the bottom of the list or should I insert where I felt my comment fit. I felt uncomfortable with the process and felt more like I needed to add something new and different rather than something real and authentic. It didn't feel like a shared understanding but a shared posting site.

I need to work it out in my head a bit more but I do plan to use wiki's in my classes in the near future. As I stated in my reflection I think to help me start I am going to use teh stages of a webquest listed in Allan and Street's article as my foundation. so that I have a starting point to go from there.

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