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Sunday, March 9, 2008

What a weekee for a wiki


This week has been the end of a fight for a cold, just to have my son get the cold, to my daughter getting a whack of teeth in at once, to trying to meet a yearbook final deadline (so not going to) and with a great partner creating my first wiki. Now we are just waiting for somebody, anybody to respond to our wiki ... here is our address just in case people missed it on the discussion board http://koratchat.wikispaces.com/ ... We are on day three of our posting and nobody has come to it yet. When I asked Linda what she though she aptly compared it to inviting everyone to a party and having no one show up.... well, hopefully everyone will just arrive late:) It is a boring article though.

We ended up using wikispaces. Linda suggested it as she had created a space there and it seemed at the time as good as any. After seeing the PB wiki site I now fully disagree. I played with wikispaces in my own account and tried setting different colour settings and background and none of the stuck. In our joint account I found that once pages were named I couldn't go back and rename them. I also found that rather than making a different page the homepage, I had to cut all the existing information off of the original one, and paste it to a new page. The navigation bar was awkward as well.

Collaborating for the wiki was fine and working online worked quite well. Linda and I mostly communicated through email and discussed changes that could be made. Our article was very, very dry and I don't think left much room for disagreement for key points etc. I wish I had found the article more interesting/inspiring but instead I found myself unsure that it was the right article that I had read and actually went back to see if it was a different article by Korat that we were supposed to have read.

My suggestion in the future for this assignment would actually to have the class as a whole to create a wiki... maybe even creating a group definitin of Web 2.0 and its place in the learning environment. Different individuals could be in charge of different pages and facilitating the development on those pages. I think it would be more of a collaborative effort and it could be facilitated throughout the entire course... I don't know just a thought.

I see lots of possibilities for wikis in the classroom and am thinking that I might try to incorporate one into my marketing class for the remainder of the semester. I definitely won't use wikispaces though. Most likely the PB site (which I also liked for lack of advertising). I can see creating a group definition for "What is Marketing" and having students define elements of the 4Ps as well. I like the idea that students can work together to create a personal and meaningful definition. I wonder though if a different format would encourage different people to take part in the conversation more. I know that in the classroom when we have group discussions generally the same five people speak their opinions while the rest wait for these five to share. I wonder though if the same five would continue to voice while the rest wait. Having people see that their word is recorded and it is easily visible who contributed what might force some people to have a voice who would rather be passive in the process.

I think I can see pretty much every subject area using wikis to share learning, and enriching understanding. literature circles, book discussions, math help, biology terms, art concepts, health and fitness... Wikis definitely would allow students to take ownership of learning.

As an aside, I was please to find that many of my students don't see wikipedia as the end to all answers. they are very aware (as a majority) that they are created by individuals and are subject to flaws. Most use it as a starting point for research or a quick search for something they think they know and are looking for verification.

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Jennifer said...

Hi Elisa,

Great suggestions! I thought this might be an interesting way to go but I agree that having more people participate in a wiki would be a great idea. I will pass this on to Joanne and perhaps she can do something of what you suggested during the "getting started" section of the course and then continue it.


Val said...

Hi Elisa: It was so great meeting for coffee this weekend. I really enjoyed it as I can now envision exactly whom I'm chatting with.

Sorry to be so late showing up to your party. Thanks for hosting it.

I too like the idea of even more people being involved in the collaborative wiki. Food for thought.

Katie said...

Hi Elisa,
I'm sorry for not coming to your party! I tried, but I couldn't get in. Cindy and I had thought of using wikispaces as well, but one of her children suggested pbwiki instead and my "computer geeky" brother said the same thing, so that's what we went with.

I like your suggestions for the assignment too- I hope they consider it for next time.


elizabeth said...

I agree with you, pbwiki is more user friendly. The fine print on Wikispaces where it says "Join this wiki" is the culprit for your party starting late. It is hard to see and people miss it. It was a great party though! I think it is interesting how the google ads on your wiki are about ebooks-how do they do that?

Linda Morgan said...

Loved your comic about answering in your own words... great loophole! It reminds me of the student who thought of 6 different ways to measure the height of a certain building - using a barometer. His final suggestion, as I recall, was: Find the janitor (or was it the architect?) of the building and say, "I will give you this barometer if you can tell me the height of your building."

Liked your comment, too, about how wikis might encourage people to comment whereas they might remain silent in a physical setting. It made me think of how wikis can extend discussion past the classroom/meeting hours as well.

Ronda said...

Hi Elisa,

You have some great ideas for expanding the wiki project. I can imagine it would become something we could all use with our staffs (for PD or a just an interesting link) once it was finished?!