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Sunday, April 6, 2008


I have said it before I have to say it again. I find reading blogs difficult. Blogs are like the tv show that you have tried getting into because everyone else is watching but since you missed the first couple (or hundred) episodes it is hard to figure out what is going on. No wonder that the show Lost in its first season spent half the time repeating the first few episodes trying to help potential viewers understand sort of (well, not really) what was going on.

Not to say I don' appreciate what is going in in blogs or what people have to share. I just feel lost trying to get into the loop of the conversation that the author of the blog is having. I feel lost on where to try and start in the conversation and spend a lot of time reading backwards trying to get to a point where I can get reading forwards again.

this has got me thinking a lot about how I would use a blog for my classes. I am starting to look at how I could create a blog to summarize what we did in class on a particular day, share the assignments that were given, have students share difficulties, answers they found to things. Samples of items if possible. I could post notes that i provided in class as well as links to assigment sheets. I really like the idea of doing one and hope to start with the second term of this semester for at least one of my classes.

The reason I am currently waiting is, well, one, I don't have a lot of time right now and more importantly. I want a clear starting point for my students to have. Some of the blogs I have been visiting have been in existence forever and I have been trying to look at them for personal meaning for a few weeks. hard to digest that much information in such a short time.

Personal meaning/interest is also important for the reader of the blog. My students will go to my blog because they will (hopefully) have an interest in what is being shared and see it as being beneficial to their own learning when going to it. It will support what they are doing in the classroom.

1 comment:

elizabeth said...

Elisa, I confess I also find myself getting a bit dizzy trying to follow the backwards thread of blogs at times. I think the key is to start with reading just a few blogs and trying to forget about all the info that is out there waiting to be digested. They are a great toolthat takes a little getting used to.