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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

To accept or not accept, that is the dilema

Every while I get requests from students for me to add them as a friend to facebook. Impressed that they find me to begin with because the email I use for the program isn't the one I give to them and I don't have a photo up that shows it is me. (If they use the email I use for my classes for a search they get Bob Builder (Before I created an account I created a fake one to test the program out)

I always ignore these requests and students ask me why? A part of me thinks it would be neat to get to know them on a different plane and another part me doesn't think it is appropriate. there needs to be line drawn somewhere between my personal and my professional life. My facebook account is pretty boring. I don't post much (don't go there very often). I have a bunch of stuff put on my funwall that I am always deleting. I think it best summed up by saying that there is a bunch a stuff about them that I don't need to know about and the same goes the other way.

When students ask me why I ignored there request I just let them know I am waiting till they graduate and then will happily add them.

1 comment:

elizabeth said...

Elisa, I'm with you, I also need to draw that line. Otherwise I feel I am compromising my professionalism.