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Monday, April 14, 2008

The real final thoughts

Kaira has gone back to sleep and I am back at the computer (can’t wait for the teething to be over – this is week 4 of hourly wake-up calls…).

I have to clarify that I don’t mean to sound negative about these tools. I see a lot of uses for a lot of what we looked at over this semester. I love the possibilities that are out there and I look forward to my class recording their radio commercials next week using audacity (if the IT guy has time to finish my lab – short staffed right now) I am in the process of starting a blog for two of my courses and have been converting some of my assignment to PDF format so I can post them on the site for student access.

I love the fact that these tools are “free” (I have already ranted elsewhere how I don’t really feel these site free… yes, they are monetarily ‘free’ but I think that is a very narrow definition of cost but I refuse to get involved in this rant again and will leave it there). Meaning my overstrained school budget isn’t getting hit by the cost of new software, that students have access to it from wherever, that a lot of the programs allow people with varying experience with computers success in the what they create/publish.

I love how easy google notebook makes it to collect information (if not to process it) and if I could ever get the toolbar installed at school (won’t because it comes – according to the IT guys- with too many issues and just won’t be happening) it would be even a great asset to me in the classroom.

I love how You Tube has videos that I want to share with my classes easily accessible and now that the school has given teachers’ permission to access any site they think is appropriate (don’t tell the students though as it is supposed to be a secret that I can get to YouTube etc…) I can on pretty much a spur find something that we are talking about and share it with the class. For example the other day we were talking about ad campaigns and I was mentioning one that I thought was horrible and rather than try to explain the bad ad by Quizno’s I found it…. would have posted it here but my blog is on strike when it comes to videos (ahhhh…. The joy of technology). Search quizno rat and you will know what I am talking about.

I am excited about trying new things and rethinking what I have done in the past. For me two things have to be answered in my own brain as I continue down the web 2.0 highway…

What am I willing to barter away in return for use of these tools?
How can I learn and use these programs without creating a bunch of litter/clutter/garbage that others will need to sift through looking for items to add to their personal collection of information?

1 comment:

Val said...

Hi Elisa: I hope Kaira is feeling better. Teething is not fun on anyone in the house and so confusing for the child because they don't know why they are always in pain.

A good analogy with Long Beach 20 years ago and the internet today. Yes there is a lot of stuff out there. I think that is why I appreciate so much the data bases that I have learned about from this course that allow me to narrow the stuff and focus on quality. I find social bookmarking a key tool in this as well.

Good luck with your radio ads. Glad to hear IT is able to install audacity. I remember at our coffee you were hoping that would happen.

I agree as more and more of us use these tools there will be more to sift through, but hopefully we are critical thinkers and can teach that to the kids to decrease the 'surfing' and increase the deep reading.

Good luck with the year book. Hope to see you soon with the other Vancouver Island Ladies. It was so great to meet you in