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We don't know a millionth of one percent about anything.
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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Not alone

The nice thing about blogs when supporting one's own attempts to learn about things like Web 2.0 tools is that even though you are alone at your own computer mucking things up as you go along. There is someone out there willing and wanting to share his/her own attempts at using tools and sharing the ups and downs of the journey. I don't feel so completely useless when I read that someone else has caused a major security issue on his/her computer as well.

Personalities emerge from the authors of blogs through both what they write, how they write, how they present it and of course what else they share on their blogs. Blogs allow for way more way more freedom in style of writing and because of that don't come across as daunting or impersonal as more formal writings on the same topics.


Val said...

Hi Elisa: Excellent video on observation. I think I will show it to my grade 7's on Friday. I missed the moonwalking bear completely.

I agree one thing I love about blogs is how they show the personality of the author. It truly creates a stronger bond and connection with the reader. The interaction is also a key asset.

Linda Morgan said...

Okay, I have to leave to look for that youtube bear walk video. I can't believe how I missed it!!

Ronda said...

Hi Elisa,

Great video; excellent point! I'd use this with teachers AND students!

Thank goodness for the many helpful blogs, wikis, etc. that are out there to support educators in their learning pursuits of web 2.0. I have found several "go to" sites which I consult first before looking elsewhere. Check out Susie Vesper's site if you have time. I was so impressed by it! (look at "Online Tools")


Ronda :)