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Sunday, April 13, 2008

slightly different part 1

If I was planning to do a professional development session with my colleagues in the next while on web 2.0 tools I think i would like to set it up like a book club and call it a web 2.0 club.

Rather than meet for the a half day session or even a full day session I would like to set it up for a weekly hour (or monthly hour or two) group session with a topic to guide each week and have the particpants help develop the content (which we of course would share on our group wiki)

Our first session would be a discussion of what is Web 2.0

sites and articles that would be of use include:

wikipedia's definition of web 2.0

Maybe watching this commentary on Web 2.0 and maybe this video as well
To look at what web 2.0 tools might look like we could look web design from scratch
I also like this article by O'Reilly

Next, because I thought we would create a group wike to keep track of our learnings, useful cites blogs, definitions etc... I thought it would be good to look at wikis
Of course we need to start with a video (visual always good) and I find that I like the ones that common craft creates
and I find that I like O'Reilly's articles so here is one from him on What is a wiki
Of course if we are looking at wikis we should look at wikipedia's definition

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