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Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Don't tell anyone but I am accessing this from work. I feel like one of my students trying to get away with something on the computer. The person next door to me has a laptop and can access wireless. I am borrowing his computer during my prep to get this done.

This has been a heck of a week in terms of computer access. It has really brought to home how much I rely on being connected online. Our internet connection to our house was down for three days and the connection since has been tempermental. Apparently our provider is experiencing as they technically put it "glitches".

That explains my ability to access but it doesn't explain my loss of blogs (as I pause to hit the save now button). Last week one blog went missing and I thought to myself, oh, I must of hit not save instead of save (okay, I am now getting a message saying my save attempt failed - it's retrying). Anyway, now that I have explained that let's get on with social networking.


elizabeth said...

Elisa, I can sympathize. Technology is a wonderful thing when it works. While on vacation, the assured high speed internet access bleeped out for hours at a time. Makes for some very fast typing and cutting and pasting when it comes back on and your blog submission is due.

steph ippen said...

Elisa, the technology challenges sound dreadful! It's hard enough to find time to do the work without having to hope for a window of connection. I've lost a few things during this course too, and I keep intending to write it all on a word document first...but then I forget! congratulations on your perseverance